Importance of Mass Communication in Modern Society

16 Jan

Importance of Mass Communication in Society

The process of communicating or exchanging information to a wide range of people through mass media is called mass communication. The medium through which a large number of people can be approached is included in this. To convey a message to the society, various transmitters are used such as television, radio, internet, magazine, newspaper, etc. These media sources are quite popular nowadays. Everyone is able to connect easily with others through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many business firms are utilizing it for promotions, marketing, share news, opinions, and more.

But that is not all; there are numerous purpose that mass media serves apart from making connections quick and easy.

We are providing you a few out of many functions of mass communication and how it affects our daily life. Take a look:

1. Entertainment

If we look around ourselves, we can notice almost every student immersed in their phone or laptop. It is because there are so many apps that provide entertainment to them like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and what not. Even if we talk about newspapers, magazines, books, many articles or stories are published which are very informative yet interesting. Similarly, special television and radio programs are meant for fun and amusement of the audience. These sources are perfect escapism and stress buster from eternal stressed life.

2. International/National News and Updates

Another important advantage of mass communication is that it informs us about all the current happenings of he world. We all are always interested to know what is going on around the globe and it makes this possible through TV, radio, internet, newspaper, etc. We get updates about weather, sports, general knowledge, education, trends, fashion. Many social networking sites have also designed their page so as to provide international news to the users. Small business firms also use these platforms to promote and advertise their products and expand their organization. All these mediums help to make citizens more aware and educated towards society.

3. Cultural transmission

The way people are connecting and developing relationships with people across the country was not possible a few years ago. People can now get to know about the cultures of different nations and diverse communities which give them a sense of respect. Companies are not restricted to the physical boundaries of a country but expanding their business beyond it. They are able to know the tastes and preferences of global customers and provide goods and services to them. This virtual connection is possible only because of mass communication.

4. Builds opinions

The mediums like the Internet, newspapers, journals are getting popular amongst people for up-to-date information, because they give a more realistic picture and news to the audience. They provide complete details and hidden facts about any latest issues. This in turn, build our opinions and ideologies, and we can share it with others too. There are many debates that happen on various networking sites regarding national and international problems, and anyone can post their views there. It can be easily said that social media has now become a powerful source of information and can influence the thoughts of the users to a huge effect.

5. Creates Awareness

As we get better information from mass media, it makes us more responsible towards our country. In case people witness some injustice or think any issue needs special political attention, then they share it on social websites or get it published in a print media to make others aware of it. Also, it makes the line between facts and rumors more prominent. People are now talking more about social issues and even organize a virtual campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Mass communication is touching the lives of almost everyone around the world. We can’t begin to imagine a world without it because we are so accustomed to every aspect of it. There is no limit to the number of functions that it serves to individual and society as a whole. It is like the fourth pillar of any country, in case it fails to perform its duties well, then it may harm the whole country.

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